Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Commission Abduction Review - Make up to $427 per click


Make up to $427 per click and qualify for $3,000+ in JV cash prizes, with Commission Abduction! Commission Abduction is a LETHAL high tech app that legally and ethically "implants" FREE ads into top YouTube videos and websites. Our app is proven to generate leads and commissions like MAD, and our sales page is packed with real income shots and testimonials... 

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Dear friend,

  • It blows my mind.

  • It’s 2020 and yet there are still skeptics who think making money online is next to impossible.

  • People who think everything’s a “scam” or conspiracy...

  • ...and that people like you and I can’t really make serious money online.

  • As somebody who’s made millions of dollars online…

..I can only shake my head.
I mean seriously, this isn’t the X-Files or a debate or whether aliens exist.
And the truth isn’t “out there.”
It’s right smack in front of everybody.
  • Everywhere I turn, ordinary people are making $1000’s…
  • ...and yes, even millions of dollars online.
  • The most recent example is my friend Chad…


Literally just this past Monday night, at my men’s bowling league… buddy Chad - a dog owner like myself - was playing us a little video clip showing us his dogs wrestling together.

Then, as sort of a casual aside, Chad mentions he’s been making $1000’s off similar dog videos.

And doing it on autopilot.

In fact, he told me hasn’t posted any new videos in a while but is still getting 1000’s of residual views…
...and monthly checks from YouTube.
Even skeptics would have to admit,that’s some pretty easy cash right there.
But then, why isn’t everybody making money just like Chad?


  • Well first off, tons of people are making money - and some of them a LOT more than Chad.

  • The problem is, you’d normally need to create your own video content - and lots of it.
  • You’d need to find a niche people are interested in.
  • You’d likely need to optimize your videos.
  • You’d need to create compelling video titles - a.k.a. clickbait.
  • You’d need to create eye-catching thumbnail images.
  • ...And the list goes on...


Now, we’ve established that Commission Abduction can generate sales and make you money.
Can it generate leads and grow your email list?
After all, growing a list is “mission critical” being that it guarantees repeatable and dependable income.
Fortunately, the answer is a resounding YES..
In fact, you can “point” your Commission Abduction video ads to:
- Affiliate offers
- Your own products
- Amazon products
- Sales funnels
- AND list building / squeeze pages

Using Commission Abduction to funnel unlimited FREE traffic straight into your email list is a snap.
And I’m a huge advocate of building an email list in every way possible - because doing so pays off like crazy.
Check it out - here’s over $10,000 in a single month made from JUST my email list...

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